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Cosalt owners..... describe your van... and join my Cosalt club..
19 15 45
For anyone interested in Ham radio, transmitting, building, CW Data modes and anything else do to with radios!
1 0 0
could any one tell me what the best electric heater low cost would be for a static caravan, thanks
1 0 0
Support each other in our weight loss
13 7 110
WELCOME TO: THE SLANTED STATIC. This is a members only club, with loos-tiled, mirrored super smelling for the ladies and a bucket in the corner for the gents. Plush seating with darkened areas for sneaking off to...wink, wink, say no more! Stage area with pole dancing, ladies please be aware this is an old scaffold pole so please wear heavy duty gloves, hardhat and a cricket box before using. RULES: NO SWEARING.
32 13 131
So, when you be at your van, do you have a ritual of having a full English Breakfast-sausages, bacon, mushrooms, black pudding, beans, tomatoes, toast, tea/ qualify for this club you must have a proper full on brekkie at least once while you are there, weekends/week etc. You can discuss what variations of breakfast you have and if you have Spam, Hash Browns etc or they replace various other items. Vegetarian options are allowed. So discuss my friends...
24 11 72
A group for Abi owners to discuss their caravans.
22 6 16
This group is for folk that own a Atlas Static, no age, layout restrictions, just must be made by Atlas.
36 17 48
This Fan Club is dedicated to the One and Only .............. The Legendary ............ The Undisputed ........... The Unstoppable .......... The Sometimes Unfathomable ........... SHUGGIEGREEN. This old lad is no ordinary Forum Member. He's here, he's there, he's everywhere and he will brighten up your day come rain, shine, sleet or snow! Some may disagree, but the World needs more Shuggies and less grumpy so and so's. Let those who want to pay homage to the old lad, step forth and be counted .......
16 12 218
Ok... Let's organise some 'virtual Go-Static get-togethers'. Our first Destination... 1. "Treetoppers New Caravan On TreeTops"... Feel free to put your name down to come. Please bring some 'refreshments' (I prefer red please) Snacks for the fellas,
27 10 92
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