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Technical Issues A place to ask and/or give advice on technical issues

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Old 09-11-2019, 07:42
Gossy Gossy is offline
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Originally Posted by View Post
These are the type of thing mentioned above by Treetops.. They are made of plastic and can burst in any frost.. Also look at the temperature of operation.. They wont work if the small tube containing water are frozen and may even turn the water back on..

We have the CaraGuard water stop fitted on lots of vans in Windermere and the ball valve is stainless, acording to the site maintanence lads they have never had one fail but have saved a few vans from flooding in the Beast from the east.

They now fit the water stop part as standard now on new vans and lodges. This is a Parkdean site.
Must admit I thought the Surestop small capillary tubes had wires in them (like cycle brakes) not water filled. More suited in a house.
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Old 12-11-2019, 09:31
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water hog water hog is offline
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5 minute easiest option cost =0 turn off water supply ( we always do even in summer ) when not at van open up 5 drain down points flush toilets and open taps leave central heating on frost setting, n ever had issues in 4 winters.
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Old 13-11-2019, 09:45
Paul BK Paul BK is offline
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Originally Posted by RRRob View Post
This device is NOT a draindown device. I don't see the point in buying what is effectively an electric solenoid valve which just turns off the stop tap. For over 300 its far easier to just turn the stop tap off manually. Also, if you do that, you are still wasting your time as if you turn off the stop tap by hand for free, or spend well over 300 to do it, you still have all the water in the pipes of your caravan which would freeze & expand & burst the pipes or joints. If you do this without draining down the system, it would be a very expensive mistake. You must get all the water out of the pipework & boiler heat exchanger (unless its a combi with antifreeze) or else when you come back next year you will have more leaks than a colander and it will cost you far more than the cost of this (in my opinion) silly idea as a way to protect your holiday home because I don't think it does! You would come back to a world of misery. Burst pipes everywhere, and the chance that you may need to replace the shower mixer, one of my neighbours even had a broken toilet bowl because they had forgot to pour antifreeze into the loo. This device on its own would be virtually no protection at all.
I have this on mine. It was on when I bought it. Apart from the electric stop tsp, it also automatically turns the water off after 6 hrs if there is no movement near the sensor, so you can't forget to turn it off. I have trace heating and do the antifreeze thing in the winter also.
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Old 15-11-2019, 18:05
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Consider the Floe 868 system. Half the price, easy to fit and it means the entire van, inc. boiler can be drained in under 10 minutes from inside the van.
No water left in the pipes and quick to get
up and running on your return.
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West Coast Windows

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