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Buying A Static Caravan Advice for those about to purchase a static caravan.

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Old 28-01-2010, 10:46
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Default Park Rules about how long a static can stay on site.

Looking at various sites to buy a caravan, iv'e noticed that some of them seem to have a 'shelf life' on some of the older vans.
For example, if you paid 10.000 for a caravan you would expect to be able to keep it on site and use it for several years, not 4 - 5 years as iv'e seen some sites dictate.
Do the park owners pick and choose their own rules for this, or is there any legislation in law?
Can't really see how they expect to sell their caravans if owners have to remove or upgrade them after so many years?
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Old 28-01-2010, 11:12
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It's up to the land owner. On our park we let vans stay for 13 years before they have to re-new. The pitch fees cover our running costs only, therefore sales give us our profit. If we stopped making a profit we may as well sell up and go and sit in the sun.
Not all parks have a limit though, I think Bourne Leisure Parks let you keep your van on site indefinitely as long as it's kept tidily and maintained. You will pay for that though with a higher initial purchase price and quite high pitch fees. It's all about what each customer wants though, if you want clubs, entertainment etc a lot of people are very happy on parks like that so see it as good value for money.
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Old 28-01-2010, 13:25
fontaine fontaine is offline
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on our park in fontygary in south wales it is 12 years and then reviewed every year after that
if the van is tidy and well maintained then no problem
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Old 29-01-2010, 09:21
Teakbank12 Teakbank12 is offline
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We are on a BL site & no limits are placed on age.
We pay what we consider a reasonable site fee for whats on offer.
Its well worth investigating every park for overall costs & more importantly the pitches available as everyone has differing needs.

Also consider an average 2 - 3 hours travel to park from home or else you'll find it too far to visit regularly.
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Old 20-02-2010, 01:41
Mariem2007 Mariem2007 is offline
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I think it varies depending on the park, when we had ours it was 10 years for subletting and up to an additional 10 years for private use.
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Old 21-02-2010, 11:22
fosters ice fosters ice is offline
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does it work out any cheaper if you have a caravan on a site in say cornwall but on more of an inland site without a club and beach than a site with a club and close to a beach.

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Old 22-02-2010, 09:26
t65 t65 is offline
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Oh yes, I would say so. You get what you pay for after all and sites that have the most facilities tend to charge the most ground rent. Sites close to the seafront also charge a premium. I looked at a caravan on one site just across the road from the beach and site fees were over 4 grand a year. Our park is miles from anywhere and site fees are 1500 quid a year all in. I decided against the seafront one because I would have had to sublet it to help finance the ground rent and that was something I did not want to do so I went for the further away site so I could keep my caravan for my own use. Its only a short ride in the car if I want to get to the sea so its no big deal and the fact that the site has few facilities is a bonus. Maybe its an age thing since I am in my 50's and don't have any kids to worry about. For us, the scenery and peace and quiet ARE the facilities. before I bought my van, I stayed on a couple of big sites with loads of entertainment and facilities and although I enjoyed the coast view, I did not appreciate bieng woken at 2am by drunken idiots making their way home to their caravans. So you have to choose your site depending on what you want to get from it. Good look with your search and I hope you find what you are looking for.
Also I forgot to mention there is no age limit at all on our site.There is one van about 5 along from mine and its owned by an elderly couple and its 35 years old. Our site has no rules at all about caravan age, but it does have rules about caravan condition. You have to maintain it in a safe, clean and tidy condition. If you van is 5 years old and its neglected, you can be told to bring it up to standard or else remove it. Age is irelevent.

Last edited by t65; 22-02-2010 at 09:31. Reason: Forgot to mention tenure.
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Old 26-02-2010, 15:40
fosters ice fosters ice is offline
Join Date: May 2009
Posts: 44

thanks for that rob will defo be looking more inland like your self we prefure the piece and quiet and don't mind a drive to the beach every now and then.

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Old 22-03-2013, 12:57
RRRob RRRob is offline
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Just found this topic & I had to smile. My cousin has a caravan on a haven park & another relative has one on a Unity park. Both of them have a 10 year age limit but our park is very different. Its the most laid back, friendly, easy going park I have ever been on with virtually no site rules except that you should be courteous & considerate to your neighbours. The 2 oldest vans on our site are both owned by friends of ours and they are amazing. One is almost a museum piece! This Pemberton was bought by my neighbours 2 caravans away and was purchased new 37 years ago & its still going strong. Its also as warm as toast because it has a real fire in the lounge! The other one is over 45 years old & counting! The only trouble with the site is, nobody EVER wants to leave. Sorry to mention it like this but the only way anyone ever gives up on our site is when they go to a better one in the sky. There is a waiting list of people already on site who have their names down for any spare pitch which becomes available for other family members. The chance of anyone not already known to us getting on site is virtually zero!

Last edited by RRRob; 22-03-2013 at 13:03.
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Old 22-03-2013, 13:27
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Default RRRRob

Hi, I hope you don't mind, but I've copied your post into the 'memory lane' thread too

Angela B
Angela M
Mod Team

Live life forwards, but learn from it backwards ...
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