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Introduction Why not take a moment to introduce yourself.

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Old 12-03-2018, 13:18
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Originally Posted by GFM View Post
well - the local council website is no help. I followed the "do I need planning permission" guide and it had no idea what a static caravan is. (well, it went to the commercial caravan site guide!!). There is no problem for a tourer to be parked up, and as we are 1/4 mile down a farm track, which is off an un-named single track lane, and you cannot see our place at all until you are halfway down the track I don't think there will be an issue.
We already have power on a seperate circuit to the field, water will be via aqua roll rather than plumbed in and we will be replacing the loo with a porta potti so no need to dig through to our septic tank.

We have bought an Atlas Vermont - not new but very good condition, checked all the points mentioned in the helpful links (thank you), and has been on a site with owner only useage since new. (can tell by the upholstery and carpets it has been looked after).

Guy from the site is coming out to check access but even if the lorry can only get to the top of the track he has a landrover which can bring it down the last part. He will also set it up on the field (steadies etc, we can plug in and connect the water and gas bottle). It will cost more than other companies but they would just drop it off at the top and go, so worth the extra.
From what you say, you have everything covered, so good luck and keep us informed as to how things work out.
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Old 22-04-2018, 20:31
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a quick update - there isn't one yet!! We have levelled the site but had a delay as we have had a borehole dug, the site being on the route the van will have to take to get to the field, so we had to wait for a combination of that being finished and the horrendous rain to abate enough to dry the field out (it is on a slope and even the top was puddling!). The good news is that when water was run from the borehole to the house we had alkathene pipe laid as far as a standpipe by the site. We have also put in a French Drain for grey water and bought a cassette loo. We are hoping to get the caravan delivered this week or next because May is going to be busy with other things including time away and then a friend and her dog are coming to stay in the static the first week in June!
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Old 23-04-2018, 06:56
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sounds great. My parents live an ex pub with a pub sized French drain superb system

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