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Old 23-11-2011, 09:12
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Arrow Relocating your caravan/Sites allowing 'Bring-ons' (continuous updates)

There are members wishing to move from a site that they are unhappy on, or their circumstances have changed for whatever reason, and are asking for advice and help, this thread will help you to know how to move to another site. Our members will inform the forum on this thread if they see a site that is allowing you to bring your own caravan onto their site, or if they see one advertising this, as it seems they are as rare as 'rocking horse pooh' .

Neuadd Bridge Caravan Park (Mid Wales) link has a sign outside on the main road saying 'Bring your caravan here' which gave me the idea...
It will be up to the individual who is looking to move to research the site etc, unless it is your own park you are telling us about, but as least it will be offering some alternative for members ... I don't mind keeping the 'list' up to date at times throughout the season of course, or it's no use doing this.

Having a thread like this I am hoping will prove helpful to people who seem to be feeling pretty desperate in some cases...

For this thread to be a success, we're relying upon your 'eyes and ears' to help us to help people in this position

We need to keep 'ON TOPIC' as well please, as it's now in the 'Reference Hub' for information


Firstly, search the internet for sites that allow Bring Ons. Ring round sites in your chosen area (as sending an email does not get you a reply in most cases). Drive to the sites and ask in reception you could have a walk or drive round the site before discussing pitches etc, this way, you get a feel for the site before wasting both you and the owners time. If you see other people at the site around their vans ask them about the site to get a general feel of their views.

Ask questions such as :
Do they allow decking?
Do they allow pets?
Is the park suitable for children (As some parks are only suitable for families with children over 16)
How long can you keep your van on site?
What are the siting fees
What are the Pitch fee’s for the year
Who has responsibility to mow round the van?
Can you put your own mark on the garden area
Is it piped gas or bottled gas
What facilities do the park have on site
What are the sites season.
Is it walking distance to shops etc ... If it is have a walk to the shops and see how you feel about the distance.
Are you in a flood area?
What mobile phone signals can you get and do they have internet / wifi access.
Check to see if the mobile phone companies have wifi coverage in the area.

Once you have found the right site the site usually recommend the static removal company they use or shop round for your own. Some members on here may be able to pass on details of who they used. There is a company listed on GoStatic that can also help (see advertise your services section).

Its now time to give notice to your park that you have to leave.

Check disconnection fee costs from your park.
Check to see if you get a refund for the months you did not use
Check the gas & electric reading before you leave
Contact Insurance company with the removal date so they could change the policy to the new park

Once you have your date to leave, empty your caravan and remove all pots, pans, glasses, ornaments, televisions, lamps. Empty fridge/freezer . Remove or make safe any glass shelving or mirrors/pictures etc. Empty under the bed and under the van. Normally you can leave bedding, towels and coffee tables. The patio furniture is put in the van and the removal guys should secure it in the static. The removal company should tape closed all cupboard/internal doors glass hob lids etc.

Once the van is empty, let the transport people know and they should liaise with your old caravan park for a date to pick the van up.
Check with new site to make sure the arrival date of the new van is ok with them.
If your insurance states you have to have the van anchored down let your new site know before hand.

Once caravan is sited you may find that the doors won't shut properly because they have dropped, that will probably be because the van has settled. You need to get the site to make sure that the van is re-leveled.

Each case will be different as it will of course depend upon what your requirements are as a family, and what your current site is lacking, or maybe it is not quite what you expected, or site rules have changed etc so the new site needs to fulfill those requirements.
In this new 'Reference Hub' there are many points raised to consider when choosing a site which may be helpful to read, as it would be a kind of refresher as to why you bought your caravan in the first place, but circumstances can also change, or site rules can change/change hands, so by drawing up a list of needs as Bobs did, that suited her circumstances, she was able to successfully find an alternative site.

In the following posts, you will find sites allowing you to bring your own caravan as posted by our members.
Angela M
Mod Team

Live life forwards, but learn from it backwards ...

Last edited by Angela M; 19-07-2012 at 13:44. Reason: merging two threads


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