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Old 21-02-2009, 13:21
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Default Forum Usage Policy (FUP)

Forum Usage Policy

By registering an account on you agree to abide by the following rules set out in the Forum Usage Policy (FUP).

This covers new threads, replies and private messages, visitor messages and all other communication on

The Policy

1. Forbidden Content

1.1. Messages must not contain any profanities is a family friendly website and as such posts must be acceptable for all ages.

1.2 Messages must not contain aggressive content is a forum for discussing static caravan related topics not for been aggressive and picking fights- This will not be tolerated. No posts must contain defamatory comments, name calling or anything with the purpose of causing problems on the forum.

1.2.1 Thread Derailment

All threads on the forums evolve from the first post the last and that helps to create debate. Derailing a thread so that it stops over from posting, keeps taking the threads back to a previous post or tries to cause arguments will not be tolerated.

1.3 Personnel Details

Messages must not contain the personnel details of any individual (except of your own) with written permission sent to admin.

This includes so called “problem lets”, suppliers and park owner/operators.

1.3.1 Naming Other Parties

From time to time problems will occur within the industry such as poor service, problem lets, mis-selling etc etc.

Whilst we encourage all members, new and old, to ask for help in these situations the ‘naming and shaming’ of companies and individuals is not allowed unless the problem and parties involved are in named in the public domain (i.e. a news story).

1.4 Messages must not break UK copyright laws.

This includes copying text from the internet directly onto the forum, linking to websites that infringe on copyright laws, direct links to online video and sound files.

To post text from an article please only include the Title, Citation, Link (If applicable) and brief quote.
Please only post images that you own the copyright to.

1.5 All posts must abide by UK laws.

This includes but not limited to racist, xenophobic and libellous posts.

1.6 Sub Justice

Any posts including comments on a criminal matter from the time a charge is filed (or a hearing has been arranged) until a verdict been made is classed as sub justice and cannot be discussed on

1.7 Post Count Increasing

Posting a post only to bump up a users post count will be deleted.

1.8 Banned Topics

Although the forum is a static caravan forum, there is an area of the forum devoted to general discussion where most non caravan related topics are allowed to be discussed.

Due to the fact that these topics will often cause offense, arguments or other disruption to the forum, we do not allow discussion about: Politics, ‘Adult Entertainment’ and religion.

2. Member Conduct

Members must not post any messages that are intended to offend any other members. Such posts will be removed and members may be banned.

2.1 On Topic Discussion

As you may have noticed the GoStatic University, Marketplace and The Office all have “ON TOPIC DISCUSSION ONLY” written on them. This means exactly that. All discussion in these sections must be on topic, meaning related to the categories or thread subject. Any off topic discussion will be deleted (or moved to appropriate section).

3. Spam and Advertising

Making a post with the sole intention of promoting a product or service offered by yourself or on behalf a person or organisation associated with yourself is not allowed unless posted in correct forum “Advertise your Services”- or in direct response to a posted thread. (Please not that registering on the forum just to reply to old posts/threads to promote your products/service sis highly frowned upon and in most circumstances will lead to your posts been removed).

This includes threads, replies and private messaging.

Advertising private static caravans for sale, private static caravans available for hire and other appropriate posts may also be posted by all users in the appropriate forum.

3.1. Advertise Your Services

The advertise your services forum is also available for paid posts. For the current one off cost of 100 a user may make 1 post. Please use the contact form or PM Darren- for further information.

3.2. Trade Users

If you are involved in the static caravan trade in any shape or form (such as site owner, repairer, cleaner etc) other than just as an owners you must make this know by adding your involvement in your signature.

3.2.1 Caravans For Sale

Trade users can post in the 'Caravans For Sale' section for a fee of 25 per caravan, per post. Please use the contact form at the bottom of each post for details.

3.2.2 Sponsors

GoStatic, like most websites, costs a great deal just to keep it online. We therefore have to allow advertisers and sponsors on the forum.

Posts by sponsors and advertisers are sometimes left open for discussion. All discussion on these threads must be on topic and related to Original Post. Any posts not on topic, commenting on other issues or comparing products/services will not be allowed.

3.3 Static Caravan Websites

Promotion of other static caravan related communities (forums, facebook pages etc) is not allowed.

3.3.1 Caravan Owners Websites

Owner who have 20 posts or more are free to include there own websites with details of their own caravans in response to requests ( This is not for static caravan holiday websites and/or agents.

3.3.2 Other Forums

There are a number of other forums related to static caravan and caravans in general. We believe this is a good thing and it may be beneficial for you to register with more than one. We have however puts lots of time, money and effort into GoStatic so if anybody is caught spamming other uses, via pm, messages of posting on the forum to join there own or others form, it will result in an instant ban.

3.4 Shopping

To help stop spam appearing in the shopping section of the forum there is a 10 post minimum before you can see and post in this section. This is a place to add products you have found not a place to promote products and/or services you or somebody you know provide.

3.5 Chain Emails

Chain emails are one of the most annoying forms of spam and there is no need to post them on a forum, so they will be instantly removed. Chain emails are usually quite long and ask that you send them to your friends, you address book or similar. If unsure please ask a mod or admin.

4. Signatures

For the ease of use of the forum and to make the forum simpler to read the following must be adhered to at all times.

4.1 Length

Signatures must be no more than 4 lines in length.

4.2 Images

No images are allowed in signatures

4.3 Post Limit

To stop users signing up just to get links/ advertise there websites, there is a 25 post limit before sigs appear. Anybody adding there own sig will be warned and if they persist will be banned from the forum.

6. Moderators and Admin

Everybody hates rules, we understand that but without them the forum would be an unpleasant place and of not much use for everybody. If you feel that you don't agree with the actions of a moderator do not contact them. Contact admin (Darren). Any public criticism of the moderating team is not allowed and will result in a warning or ban for persistant breaking of this rule.

7. General

All rules laid out in threads by the admin and/or moderator team plus any forum descriptions must be followed at all times.

And Finally

The Forum Usage Policy (FUP) is non-negotiable and the decision of the admin team is final in all circumstances.

We aim to make this forum to NO.1 static caravan owner’s discussion forum and by sticking to Forum Usage Policy (FUP) we believe that we can achieve this.

Failure to follow these rules may mean a suspension of your account and in certain cases a complete ban.
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Last edited by Darren; 24-03-2009 at 14:34. Reason: Updated
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Old 10-05-2015, 17:32
fontaine fontaine is offline
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Darren,sorry to jump on this thread but I am still having enquiries to rent out a van on a site I am no longer on ie fontygary, could you close that advert please on gocaravan rentals
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Old 12-05-2015, 16:57
treetopper treetopper is offline
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Old 12-05-2015, 20:59
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Originally Posted by treetopper View Post
haha yes tree topper..
where is number 5?
and WHAT is number 5??
ruled beautiful granddaughter, 2 kids, 3 cats and 1 hubby

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Old 12-05-2015, 23:28
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Originally Posted by Tiamaria589 View Post
haha yes tree topper..
where is number 5?
and WHAT is number 5??
Number 5 is a super special one that I get to make up whenever somebody annoys me.....

......That was a joke before I get a load of abuse.

Basically there was a 5 but I simpliefied the rules quite a bit back which removed the need for number 5 (I cannot actually remember what it was) but as we refer to fup number x in replies I thought it best to keep them as close as possible to the original.

If and when we need to expand them, the next 'rule' will be number 5
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Old 07-06-2015, 15:32
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Can someone show me where I can advertise my caravan for that allowed?
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West Coast Windows

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