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Owning A Caravan Discussion about owning a caravan.

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Old 21-04-2010, 11:52
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Default Buying a caravan is still a better option than buying a posh car???!!!

There are so many posts on here at the moment about the financial pitfalls of owning a static caravan but lets not forget how good it can be too!

We have never owned one before last summer and yes it was a lot of money but it was the best thing we ever did. We enjoy it almost every weekend at the moment and will spend numerous weeks in it over the summer.

I honestly do feel sorry for people that lose so much money when they have to sell on (especially to very quick resales which seem very unfair) but when you think about it isn't it really no different from buying an expensive car? you can easily spend 24K on a Range Rover and 2 years later its worth 15K ask my neighbour!! 9K in 2 years is worse depreciation than a caravan which at least you have the option of recouping some of it back from renting. People accept that cars end up being worth next to nothing more easily than anything else but really its no different we have a 7 year old Subaru bought for 4K with just 4 thousand miles on the clock that cost the previous owner about 30K new thats a loss of 24K!

We are fully aware if we sold ours now we would lose money but we thought carefully about being able to use it for many years. I know with jobs being lost etc this can all change someones circumstances very quickly but life is always full of twists and turns anyone reading some of the posts on here would be put off for life and I just wanted to say don't be! yes think it through really carefully but dont be put off by thinking what if, cos sometimes it can be a really good decision its still probably a financially better option than buying a posh car and much more fun!!!
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Old 21-04-2010, 13:44
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hi gold i agree with you totally on all you,ve said i never read anything before we bought our van just dived in and some things i read scare me but we love our van and our weekends away so i try not to think about it
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Old 23-10-2015, 13:14
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I'm just about to embark on this wonderful experience. It won't be so much used for weekends as being used for a base in Winter, which is the time we expect to use it.

I have almost decided on the van and the site but I don't mind admitting it has been a real eye opener what some Park owners are charging over and above the RRP of a new van. I know they have to make a profit but it would seem some are just downright greedy.

One example is, I received a quote for a new van and stipulated it must have Double glazing and central heating. I received the quote and later discovered that the salesman hadn't quoted for the D/G or the C/H, just the van without any extras. Another quote I received include both plus patio windows and an integrated dishwasher. the difference in price was just 4 and it also included a digital aerial 2 full 47Kg gas bottles, and all fittings and stand steps with storage. It pays to shop around.
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