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Technical Issues A place to ask and/or give advice on technical issues

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Old 20-11-2017, 22:42
Ashtons99 Ashtons99 is offline
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Default Just fitted a smart thermostat to the ‘van

After doing a bit of research and shopping around I went for a Netatmo ‘smart’ thermostat which I control from an app on my iPhone. The Netatmo cost £75 and works very similar to Nest, Hive etc but is a simpler system. It is programmable but the main functions I wanted was to be able to turn it on/off/up/down from home. The app gives you the target temp and current room temp and with a single tap you can knock it down to frost setting or boost to a preset temp.
It is a 2 part system, a wireless table top thermostat and a hub wired to live and neutral and the 2 roomstat contacts on the boiler, very easy to do.

Obviously you need an Internet link in the caravan with WiFi capabaility to communicate with the Netatmo hub. I installed a TPlink archer200 4g router from Maplins. I bought a 12 month 12gb Three data sim off eBay for £20 which should be more than enough for my needs.

The system seems to work very well and flicking it on from Home as we set off and walking into 19 degrees on Friday night made it all seem worth it.
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Old 23-11-2017, 18:46
missionblue22's Avatar
missionblue22 missionblue22 is offline
Join Date: May 2017
Location: west wales inland, Llanbrynmair
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thanks for posting this, in october i was convinced that a computer q7 wireless thermostat would do what i wanted at the van, but as it got colder, and colder and arriving at the van and the first thing on was the heating and the kettle and hot water bottles and coffee, i thought to myself, we spend 2 days a week here, and from march next year 3 days a week and in a couple of years 4 or 5 days a week, nearly as much time at the van as at home, so why not have the same efficient, practical easily controllable comforts as we have at home.
so, hive on black friday deal from amazon has been purchased, i looked at others but wanted a different one than at home to save any silly mistakes like turning heat off at van and on at home and wondering why the hot water bottle was needed at the van, so TADO at home ( can only have one account ) and hive at the van ( can get a hive motion sensor as well later ) i looked at the tp link m200 but found that it does not always re set if the mobile 4g signal breaks and 4g does always several times a day drop just for a split second but can lead to your mifi device needing a re start, the slightly more expensive by £20 odd D link 921 roughly same spec has an always on setting so does not need the re start if the 4g signal drops connection, as for the 4g card i would have to go with a EE one not that i am an EE fan but we have BT mobile in our phone and that gets great $g coverage and as BT and EE share the 4G network i am sure to get a good signal, but your post made me realise all this was possible and i am collecting the bits needed ready for march, as we have already shut down for the season as we had a grandchild last weekend and that takes priority for the next few weeks, but thanks again ashtons for the post it helped me make my mind up and get the things ready.
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Old 23-11-2017, 22:50
Ashtons99 Ashtons99 is offline
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Join Date: Oct 2015
Posts: 11

We are open for 12 months of the year hence my wanting to get something in place. It’s obviously not the cheapest of things costing about £185 to get it up and running but apart from the annual SIM top up hopefully that will be all we have to spend.
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Old 24-11-2017, 06:24
TunnyLoyal's Avatar
TunnyLoyal TunnyLoyal is offline
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Location: Bennane Shore - South Ayrshire
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Nice idea. Can you post a link to the thermoatat you bought please? How much data does it generally use per month? Anywhere near 1gb? I assume not?

I have a '3' network router installed with a sim card for £20 a month which I get 40gb a month at around 10meg speed so I could easilly do this as well i think.
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Old 27-11-2017, 17:56
Ashtons99 Ashtons99 is offline
Junior Member
Join Date: Oct 2015
Posts: 11

It was this thermostat. I paid £75 on a best offer on eBay

I’ve only had it in a couple of weeks and seen negligible data usage and that’s including usuing it as a hot spot a few times for internet browsing
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