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Swift Discussion and reivews about Swift static caravans

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Old 06-09-2011, 08:44
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Default 2011 and 2013 Swift Moselle

Discuss the 2011 Swift Moselle here
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Old 06-09-2011, 13:20
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Default 2011 Swift Moselle

Looked at loads of vans, new and used, but found a wonderful park and a beautiful riverside plot, which the park owner would only allow a new van to be put on, so decision was made for us.

We bought a 38 x 12 2 bed Swift Moselle.

Door opens opposite u shaped kitchen. To right is the boiler cupboard with loads of space below for shoes, and integral fridge/freezer. To left is dining table and four chairs.

Kitchen has loads of cupboard space (still got empty ones..........must do some more of what I'm good Cupboard doors are off white colour and high gloss so make it very light and airy.

Living area has floor length window at end (which overlooks the river) and all windows (except bedrooms) have wooden venetian blinds. There is a corner sofa to one side and a two seater sofa in front of window. Sofas are plain beige colour, and the curtains, which are only imitation because of the blinds, are brown, beige and a very dark plum colour. The fireplace has an electric fire and a big mirror above with glass display shelves. A TV cabinet is on one side of big window and a small storage cabinet on the other.

The shower room has loads of storage shelves and the shower is quite large.

The double bedroom has a kingsize bed and two large wardrobes with a dressing table and stool by the door.

There is an en suite with toilet and hand basin.

The twin bedroom is small but adequate with a single wardrobe and cupboards over the beds.

All the wood is light coloured and fixtures (light switches and plug sockets) are chrome.

All in all we are very pleased with our "new baby", the layout is ideal for us. We are looking forward to lots of enjoyable years in her.

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Old 03-02-2012, 15:35
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We have also just bought a new 2011 Swift Moselle and fell in love with it when we first looked around. We had seen others but for some reason or other they weren't quite right for us.
We looked at ours just after it had come onto the Sales Site and hadn't been fully prepared - polythene still covering doors etc and mattress just thrown onto bed frame. We were pleased that it had a 'king sized bed' but couldn't work out why the mattress overlapped the supporting framework. Underneath the mattress there is an air lift mechanism to the top of the base that allows easy lifting of the top of the base to access below for storage. Even better we thought but still questioned the mattress overlap with the site who couldn't give us an answer. To cut a very long story short it transpires that the supplied base is correct at 4ft 9ins width and the kingsized mattress at 5 ft leaving an overhang both sides. Can't be right I thought and as there was no feedback from the site I posted a message on
Within 24 hours I had the below reply from Swift:-

31/1/2012 By David Armitage from Swift
Hi Tom,
The bed frame was designed to be smaller than the mattress for two reasons,
1) To allow foot space around the bed in the smaller sized bedrooms and was standardized regardless of room size. This was done in response to customer feedback a few years ago after criticism that they could not walk around the bed in the 3 Bed and the Smaller 2 Bed models.
2) It was also to allow the valance etc to hang correctly and look aesthetically pleasing.
This arrangement is used throughout the industry, though some larger bed frames are used on certain models by our competitors.
Regards, David.

So, what makes a 'king size bed'? Is it the mattress? The base? Or both? I feel that it should be both but perhaps others might say that I'm being pedantic. Surely if there isn't room to walk around a bed in a caravan it means that either the bed is too big for the room or the room too small for the bed.
Anyway whatever make of caravan you may consider buying this is worth bearing in mind and checking before you take the plunge.

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Old 13-08-2013, 15:05
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Just thought I would add my opinion of our Swift Moselle 2013

We bought new for the start of the season this year, and have stayed in her every single weekend since April. I was waiting until we had had her for a good while before adding a review, and although this is our first caravan, and we technically don't have anything to compare it to, I would say that we are fair people and I would like to think that we know good things when we see them.

Well - we love it! That's pretty much it.

Seriously though, it is everything we wished it would be and more. We love the spacious and airy feel to it, it's got lots of windows & double doors that open out onto our patio area and these are the best things for us. Plenty of storage means that we can maintain our 'a place for everything' philosophy and nowhere seems cluttered.

The main bedroom has 2 double wardrobes, also under-bed storage, dressing table with mirror, en-suite, 2 bedside lamps. Bathroom is great too, with the best shower that we have ever used. We were worried about the water pressure before we bought, but it's just phenomenal. I don't know enough about that sort of thing however, to know if that can be credited to Swift or if this is down to great facilities on our site.

The décor and furnishings are lovely, really cosy.

I wouldn't hesitate to recommend this make & model, if anyone wants to ask me anything then please feel free. (I love talking about my caravan so it's really no hardship!)
The best thing about memories, is making them

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Old 13-08-2013, 20:19
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We just had one of those turn up on our site entrance .2 tone green at the front .nice van but that 2 shades of green spoils it for me
2012 Willerby Severn
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Old 06-10-2013, 13:02
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Hello to anyone on this thread.

We are close to the purchase of a Swift Chamonix.

Any feedback would be very welcome :-)

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Old 08-02-2014, 14:19
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Default Moselle dish

Does any one know if you can fit a sat dish to a 2013 model
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Old 08-02-2014, 14:41
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Originally Posted by Steve100 View Post
Does any one know if you can fit a sat dish to a 2013 model
Can't speak for the caravan in question, but unless a caravan had been specifically designed to have a sat dish fitted, I wouldn't do it anyway.

Can't you fit a properly designed ground stand / pole?
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Old 08-02-2014, 15:01
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There is so many vans with dishes I thought I would ask.
What you have said is prober boy the right way to go
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Old 08-02-2014, 15:20
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Originally Posted by Steve100 View Post
There is so many vans with dishes I thought I would ask.
What you have said is prober boy the right way to go
I've seen them fitted to vans myself, but I don't fancy the idea. I don't like the idea of drilling holes in the van and would be concerned about strong winds catching the dish and putting strain on where it's fitted.

Is your van on a concrete base and is there any space where a ground mount could be fitted, assuming the site owner don't mind you drilling into it?

As an example, something like this below:
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West Coast Windows

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