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Owning A Caravan Discussion about owning a caravan.

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Old 28-12-2012, 20:51
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TonyandJulie TonyandJulie is offline
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Yes they do work there is some on ebay couldn't do without ours this is just a example
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Old 28-12-2012, 22:00
anneeb anneeb is offline
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Originally Posted by TonyandJulie View Post
We had trouble with flies this summer we went out and got a Electric Fly Zapper it works a treat no more flies.
I never even thought about fly problem, I have a net door curtain I bought a while ago for home, but will be taking it upto caravan, will need to get another. Having looked at the Electric Fly Zapper, that will have to be a necessary buy, thanks for the info.
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Old 29-01-2013, 21:39
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Originally Posted by Bunty and Biggles View Post
We have most windows and doors open all day, every day... fresh air freaks
At first we were both paranoid about flies and now possess four fly swats. However, we've noticed that if we leave the little blighters alone they fly in one window or door and straight out of another.
The only time they're a problem is, obviously, when we put the lights on after dark. So all windows and doors..except the bedroom window..are closed before the light goes on. We do still get a few flies that prefer to stay inside but in the main our system works very well.
I have two umbrella-like net fly covers for food and never leave food stuff out, ever, uncovered.
We had a plague of horse flies at one point and both have the scars to prove it, dreadful things. Also for about three or four evenings a load of cock jokes please..swarmed around for a few hours just after the sun went down. They don't hurt apparently but they are HUGE!!!
Oh I'm so sorry, I laughed out loud! It would serve me right if our 'Bolt Hole' was full of the little (and not so little) Blighters wouldn't it? I really am sorry
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Old 29-01-2013, 22:06
shuggiegreen shuggiegreen is offline
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I havnt come across the problem and I hope I never do as it doesnt sound very nice at all.
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Old 29-01-2013, 22:19
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OMG it's not funny i was going doolally....cluster flies are the Bain of my life. I'm obsessed with them. I do hope when I go back they haven't followed me from Bala. I mean come on...I Left them behind for our GS member Charlie
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Old 30-01-2013, 01:04
the batman the batman is offline
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The thing about Cluster Flies is that the commonest species is parasitic on earthworms, so if your static is sited in the middle of a lovely piece of grassland, you are going to be surrounded by them! As has been said, they come into roof spaces to hibernate - I have seen them in house roofs in great roiling sheets .

Nobody knows quite why they choose one roof (or static) over another, but there is some evidence that they leave scent trails behind (possibly pheromones) so that the next generation knows a good place to go. Stronger scents (somebody mentioned oil of citronella) may mask the 'fly smell' so that the number returning is reduced.

I wouldn't want to use too many insecticides/foggers inside a small space that I spend a lot of time in, myself.


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Old 18-03-2013, 21:07
jamiej jamiej is offline
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OMG just read through this thread, has anyone had any problems with flies when opening up this time? Fingers crossed the answer is NO
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Old 18-03-2013, 21:42
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We had a terrible fly problem last year and they were coming in droves and just when you squished 6 about 12 more came in! When we opened on the 1st March this year we expected to see some but only a couple. Maybe they are waiting until the weather gets warmer before coming out of their beds. Was looking a the foggers on Amazon but don't like the thought of all that stuff in a small area, has anyone used them successfully?
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Old 19-03-2013, 22:02
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Only in my Dad's greenhouse, and they worked great.
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Our van -
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