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Before Owning A Caravan Discussion and advice on all aspects involved in deciding if a static caravan is right for you.

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Old 30-06-2018, 05:49
golazzo golazzo is offline
Senior Member
Join Date: May 2013
Location: Haven Marton Mere Blackpool
Posts: 448
Default Iím back after a number of years away

Hi everyone. Some of you may remember me when I first made enquiries to purchase a static on Pipers Heights Blackpool. Well yes we did but what a epic fail on our part

When I say epic fail I mean we never thought for one minute when purchasing a van how important free standing furniture is in a static home especially when we wanted to use it most weekends

In the end we cut our losses sold up and the dream was no more.

We are now on that journey again but whether we will purchase in the next 12 months who knows, one things for certain we wonít make that mistake again and we will almost certainly buy a new van even though they do deprecate in value over a given time

Which site will we use. Pipers Heights without a shadow of a doubt. Site owners still investing and close to all that Blackpool has to offer.

I did have some disagreements with the site owner when it came to selling up purely and simply because of a promise of buy back which they renagued on 24 hours later regards the price of the van.

For me thatís now water in the bridge and maybe they did just make a mistake. Site owner did all they could to say are we not being a little drastic and to try and give it a little longer but me being me had already made the decision to sell up and learn from a very expensive mistake. Do I regret selling up. Most certainly Yes. In hindsight I should have ripped the fix seating out, purchase new wall boards and ordered free standing furniture

Oh well, thatís a lesson to us all ( well some )
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Old 30-06-2018, 07:59
Mosquito Mosquito is offline
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Join Date: Oct 2015
Location: Fold House Park, Pilling , Lancashire.
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It seems a pity that you had a bad experience. I suppose the message for other would be buyers would be not to rush in but to take your time. Have a good look around at different parks before you buy. When you have made a decision, take your time, make a list of what you must have, Just as important, what you don't want and what you are prepared to compromise on. Then look at as many vans in your price range and see if you need to update your list. There's no rush. You are going to spend a lot of money so it's important to get it right.

When my wife and I were looking we picked one new van online from the Willerby range and really thought it was what we wanted. We then went to see it. We changed our minds and settled on something completely different from another manufacturer. There was nothing wrong with the Willerby but we realized that it wasn't what we really needed.

We did have some pretty horrific problems but after sending the first van back to the manufacturer and several months of further problems, we ended up with what we wanted. A torrid time but as everything turned out well, we are happy with the final result.

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Old 03-07-2018, 11:05
Darren's Avatar
Darren Darren is offline
Join Date: Mar 2008
Location: No where (at the moment)
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Hi and welcome back.

Sorry to hear about your struggles with the first van

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Old 18-09-2018, 16:46
golazzo golazzo is offline
Senior Member
Join Date: May 2013
Location: Haven Marton Mere Blackpool
Posts: 448

We have purchased a 2 bed Swift Provence ( Bordeaux ) to be sited on Haven Marton Mere complete with decking. I know they’ll be quite a few of you who will disagree with Haven but having been on a small park and not having the right van then we are happy with our choice.

Yes we will have to rent out due to high site fees but we knew this from the offset. We won’t be using Haven for rental purposes and we will deal with bookings ourselves. We only intend selling 8 weeks max per season
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Old 19-09-2018, 19:56
Maisie and Mr B Maisie and Mr B is offline
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Join Date: Feb 2013
Posts: 194

That sounds very exciting. We had a caravan at Presthaven Beach Resort which is a Haven site and loved it. Renting out privately is definitely the best way to go. Have good procedures in place so that you can vet your guests ie we always sent out the booking form to their home address and that way ensured that we knew where they lived in the event of any problems. I also limited the number of guests and had clear information of what I expected the guests to do when they left the caravan in order to ensure they had their deposit returned. My caravan was always left spotless. We sadly sold our caravan last year as our foster son had autism and was unable to cope with the crowds which meant that we were unable to attend the evening owners events etc. It therefore made sense to sell. We intended to wait 3 years before purchasing again but have just purchased a beautiful older caravan which meets all of our needs on a quiet site with very reasonable site fees. Best of luck.
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