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Old 07-10-2016, 18:04
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Originally Posted by RRRob View Post
I don't think you offended anybody & I think the people who use this forum are open to everyones ideas & would not take offence lightly. I can understand your point if you are getting bombarded with adverts on all the sites you visit. After your post, I downloaded the Google Chrome app for adblock to have a look at it & noticed you can be selective in your blocking. You can allow adverts on the sites you want them to appear & block them from sites which are OTT. In the end though, its your choice and nobody elses business so dont worry about it. If you have a low signal to your phone or maybe when your site WiFi is heavily used, I can see where it may be useful but I have not needed it myself. Not sure why you get so many adverts when I don't so I cant help you with that I am afraid but maybe others have ideas why that may be.
As I explained I'm not very technically minded but at the time I was experiencing all the pop ups, my son said That I must have downloaded something that opened the door for the pop ups to invade my system. I can tell you it was a nightmare and my son who can build a desk top, he built mine and is very technical, removed them but even he struggled.

I will ask him to sort it for me.

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