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Selling A Caravan Discussion about selling a caravan.

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Old 14-07-2019, 17:01
paulhirons paulhirons is offline
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Angry The Older Static Caravan Trap

We have a 19 year old Willerby Static Caravan sited on a park near Skegness. We wanted to sell it, so we found a buyer willing to pay 4500 for it.
OK we thought, we will have to pay the rip off 2300 name change but they were OK to pay next years site fees.

So we would get around 2K for the caravan.

We went to the site owners where they told us that they would not let the new owner stay on the site when buying our older caravan, we were welcome to stay as long as we like, but the new owner had to take it off.

Then they told us that there is a commission to pay when selling your static caravan and that commission is 2K of course.

Then there is a 750 charge to disconnect it so it can be collected from a parking area.

The site owners said they would give us 450 for the caravan. They have similiar models for sale starting at 6995.

Is this a rip off or what?
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Old 14-07-2019, 17:57
Mosquito Mosquito is offline
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It looks like it to me. It's about time that there were some laws passed but that is probably not going to happen.
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Old 14-07-2019, 20:43
Maddy's Avatar
Maddy Maddy is offline
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Well there are plenty of sites where 15 years is the max and even you wouldn't be allowed to stay on. I guess it all depends on what it says on your licence.

Good friends are hard to find, difficult to leave and impossible to forget.

Last edited by Maddy; 21-07-2019 at 08:24.
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Old 14-07-2019, 22:20
treetopper treetopper is offline
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What does your written licence state?
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Old 15-07-2019, 16:15
cazgh's Avatar
cazgh cazgh is offline
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Sadly I don't think there is anything that you can do, we had just signed our deposit over and then found a caravanner on our site who wanted to leave, paid 8k 2 years ago and had been offered 2k. They were aware of 3 other sets of people this had happened to this year, so it will probably be the same or worse for us. The problem is that you are offered Glass's valuation (or similar) and it's pretty much worthless, (ours is 2002 so not far off same boat as you) but then the space that you rent is worth something, but that belongs to the caravan site to sell. So we will have lost at least 5k, so we have to stay for at least 5 years to make it worthwhile in our case. In my mind it's a bit liking buying the leasehold of a commercial premises, we don't actually really own anything. Best to just keep depreciation to a minimum and cut losses. I've been reading some real horror stories on some of the very commercial sites. People are losing thousands!! Can you keep the van and continue to enjoy it, or let family enjoy it?
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Old 20-07-2019, 11:24
water hog's Avatar
water hog water hog is offline
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Always best to read through the agreement before buying in the first place, There is no age limit on vans on our site but the lease clearly says we can only sell the caravan onto anyone while its under ten years, there is no extra fees due to the new owner and if the ground rent is paid then its paid for the new owner, after ten years it needs to be sold back to the site,Good thing with the vans for sale on this site they are not overpriced to start with, but point to note they are never an investment.
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Old 29-09-2019, 12:57
Bull Bull is offline
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Hello all,

Sad post. In my case I have never had a written agreement. I purchased a second hand caravan approximately 16 years ago from a couple who had used it for approximately 10 years themselves. I have kept the caravan clean and tidy. In the last 3 years I have built an extensive decking area around it with a lower tier 'garden' area, bringing the total available area to 1000 plus square feet.

Some time ago the site changed hands due to a death and it passed to another member of the same family (who is only interested in the income from the site and the welfare of her sheep). At the present time that owner has just increased the site fee by 300.00 this year and issued notices to all caravan owners.

The site is basically a farmers field with nothing except dustbins and water provided. All else is provided by each caravan owner.

I have enjoyed the caravanning experience for the time I have been an owner, but perhaps it is time to consider if the cost of the site fee, which will increase again is comparable with other sites (like for like) and make a decision about whether or not to invest in a camper van or increase our camping expeditions next year.

I do not think that the caravan is worth any money to anyone (sentimental value is high to ourselves of course) and would probably offer it free and make my money on the sale of the decking and space available to the eventual new owners (if I decided to sell of course).

Compared to some of you who have written in this thread, my experience is not as bad, but everything is relative.
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Old 30-09-2019, 18:43
FlixtonFlyer FlixtonFlyer is offline
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I do not think that the caravan is worth any money to anyone (sentimental value is high to ourselves of course) and would probably offer it free and make my money on the sale of the decking and space available to the eventual new owners (if I decided to sell of course). I wouldn't have thought the plot was yours to sell, surely that belongs to who owns the land...
Always expect the unexpected!!

Last edited by FlixtonFlyer; 30-09-2019 at 18:44. Reason: spelling
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Old 05-10-2019, 11:15
Gerry1964's Avatar
Gerry1964 Gerry1964 is offline
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Depreciation is very high on caravans especially if you want to sell an old one. Camp sites do offer to sell old ones but they often throw in a couple of years free site fees which will bump the price up.

I bought an old van and subsequently upgrade it last october to double glazing and central heating, thats what most parks try and get you to do, Old vans make their site look tired so they won't be paying you top dollar for them and most get sold cheap for export to the EU
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Old 06-10-2019, 10:22
DavidE DavidE is offline
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Bull, I think Flixtonflyer is spot on in that assessment. You pay ground rent so don’t own the land so that’s not sellable. The ‘vans 25years+ so not worth anything in fact is liable to cost you for it’s removal. As to decking etc. that may have some value but to whom?
You say you have enjoyed your time so perhaps it’s the time now to just walk away with happy memories, no regrets just anticipation of what the future has in store.
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