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Request If you are looking to hire a caravan, why not ask our owners?

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Old 22-09-2016, 23:51
Lynne Lynne is offline
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Default So sad subletting has caused bed bug infestation

I loved my site and caravan. I up graded and to off set some of the costs let the management sublet it for a season.
They now tell me it has bed bugs and that they are dealing with it. It has been 4 weeks and no further forward and the staff are being very unhelpful.
Anyone know what are my rights or options.
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Old 23-09-2016, 06:40
slattster slattster is offline
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I would bin the mattress , buy a new one and give them the bill, dunno if they would pay it or not , I would just want rid of the bed.
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Old 23-09-2016, 07:14
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Bells64 Bells64 is offline
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Originally Posted by slattster View Post
I would bin the mattress , buy a new one and give them the bill, dunno if they would pay it or not , I would just want rid of the bed.
Don't think it's as simple as just getting rid of the mattress. Saw a TV program about pest control officers and they said bed bugs are a nightmare to get rid of. In the program, as well as in the bed, they found them behind pictures, in the edge of carpets and in vents. They come out at night and head for the nearest warm body to feed on, ugh! the only way to get rid of them was to do a full fumigation.
I feel very sorry for Lynne what a nightmare, I'd insist that the site pay for a full fumigation, if that doesn't do the trick maybe she should talk about them swapping her van, surely they are liable if they do the lettings.
Another reason I'd never ever let my van.
Still loving my caravan !!

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Old 23-09-2016, 08:53
the batman the batman is offline
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Demand that the site give you a new van - it's the only solution.

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Old 23-09-2016, 09:52
fhb fhb is offline
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this website gives some interesting information, which may help reassure you that it is not necessarily the end of the world.
I suspect that it is unlikely that you will be able to get the Park operator to replace the whole van, as it seems unlikely that the van is so infested it cannot be cured, but probably very likely that there is a clause somewhere in the small print saying about "while we make best efforts to ensure...blah blah blah".
If it helps, way back in the very hot summer of 1976 we lived in a 14th floor flat in London.Hubby was finding bites on his leg each morning, but we did not know why. Then early one morning I woke up and saw something crawling slowly across the bed. Caught it, took it to a chemist, who confirmed that yes, it was a bedbug and there was a bit of a local outbreak as we were the third sample brought in for identifying that week (apparently the people who brought the other samples screamed and fainted when told...).
So we went home, stripped and examined the bed, used Lysol (now know that it is totally ineffective) to wash the walls and skirting, remade the bed and never saw another bedbug again. (Maybe its friends could not make it up 14 floors)
While I would be as horrified as you to have it announced that there were bedbugs, it could be that the Park is taking the 4 weeks to clean and then monitor that eradication was successful.
Hope the above helps reassure you.
Oh, and we did not need to replace the mattress. Just used a magnifying glass to inspect it all over for any signs of residency.

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