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Old 17-05-2019, 10:48
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Default Low signal wifi ??


So you have a wifi hub or hotspot that you use but your not getting a good signal ??

I have a Huawei wifi hub and the speed was pretty decent but when the site is full, then i noticed that my internet was slow and the netflix fils took ages to load.

I Bought a couple of Antennas from Amazon for 9.99 and now my speeds both download and upload has increase by at least 5Mbps

I'm getting Download Speeds of 25.60 Mbps and upload speeds of 15.64Mmps

So i would recommend getting an antenna for whatever wifi set up you have, Its the first step to better speeds or alternatively you could push the boat out and get an external antenna, but for the sake of a tenner and better speeds all round its a win win for me!!
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Old 20-05-2019, 16:56
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Our Huawei homefi has a socket for one antenna but do they all ? if not how would you use it

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Old 20-05-2019, 20:59
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Dual antennas are called MIMO antennas. Stands for multiple in multiple out. They work better than a single antenna because they pick up direct signals, reflections of signals etc and combine them for a stronger receive/transmit capability. If you have a HomeFi with only 1 antenna socket, then you wont have the benefit of multiple pathway signal pickup to avoid dead spots and multiple signal reflections which cancel each other out but you will still see a boost to your signal capability just by using one antenna because the external add on antenna will have greater efficiency compared to the internal antenna. So just buy one higher gain antenna and use that. Not quite as good as a MIMO setup but still a decent improvement. If you remember the old analogue TV signal where you often saw ghosting on the picture, that is signal reflection where the master signal from the transmitter bounces off a surface and arrives out of phase with the main signal and either cancels out the signal or gives a degraded multiple image. Thats what MIMO antennas seek to avoid. Your one antenna would still give you a decent signal improvement compared to the inbuilt less powerful internal antenna on your HomeFi unit. Available on Amazon etc.

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Old 22-05-2019, 15:32
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Hi everybody, I'm back in Spain for the summer but before I left the new Wi-Fi on site had gone from good to very poor. I contacted the owner of the Wi-Fi company to let him know and he said he was in the process of erecting a new mast and that everything would be sorted. That was a couple of weeks before I left for Spain. The day before leaving, I was trying to transfer some money via a currency company that I use and the internet was very slow. At the last part of the transfer, the Wi-Fi went down I was so annoyed that I phoned the guy again only to go straight through to voicemail. Needless to say, I left him a very blunt message. It looks like his good deal is only good when there are only are a few people on the park. I will see what it's like on my return and see what I can do about it if it's still as bad. When I asked him if his speeds were guaranteed he assured me that they were.
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