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Subletting Advice on all aspects of subletting (hiring) your caravan

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Old 06-10-2016, 13:52
freelander freelander is offline
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Originally Posted by freelander View Post
Yep, I have a static on this site and will willingly answer any question you ask

However it may be better if you ask a list of questions so I can cover your needs and keep me out of trouble.

The best advice I can give is....don't do it, keep well away. I just wish that I had followed my own advice and gone elsewhere.

I am not happy in this Internment Camp.

To be fair to Blue Anchor I will try hard to find some good points to raise but that may take me a long time.

Well now I will try and be fair to Peacehaven or rather give excuses for them.

The thriving group of RATS on the site.

Well, if the Static Owners throw bread and scraps out for the Ducks and Gulls round the Vans the rats will partake on the crumbs during the early evening and nights.

Parking against the front of my Static and sometimes down the sides.

Well we do have a large car park, about 10 minutes walk away, near the entrance but the site as filled that up with Statics for Sale. not much of a help when you are 74 and disabled, you do need your car at the front or side of your van.

For me it is a nightmare, the other Static Owners park a couple of feet away from my front window, I get no privacy, car doors slamming day and night, people peering in the van and I have to keep the windows and doors closed to keep out the engine fumes.Sometimes they even reverse into the front of the van when the poor incapable drivers try and reverse park.

Last year I even had a fire when one car hit the front of my van when I was using the frying pan, oil splashed out and set the cooker on fire.

Yep.Parking is bad. If and when I get my car near-by I then go into Hermit Mode and get a Taxi when I need to buy food.

Parking is made much worse by the statics at the other side of the road putting steel sheds on the roadside preventing them parking on their own patch, instead they surround me.

I have room to park down one side of my van but if I do I get blocked in from behind and the roadside plus it starts them all off trying to get down the side of my van.

Yes, their are many more problems but these are the worst and I have tried to mention both sides of the problems.

To be honest I am wondering if it is time to retire from The Static and just stay at home, sitting in my Garden.

Might just empty the van, throw the keys into the Group Office and walk.No chance of giving the Van away or selling it since if I do someone will have to pay 2,000 Transfer fees to the site.
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