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Old 21-05-2016, 18:46
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Default Caravan Underfloor Insulation

Caravan under floor insulation UK

to caravan under floor insulation UK

If you are looking at used or new static caravans for sale in the UK you might find that there is no underfloor insulation. Although manufacturers install underfloor insulation in some models as standard, you should check before you buy whether the van has it or not.

Itís not the end of the world if there is no underfloor insulation because it can be installed Buy us at caravan under floor insulation

Why should a static caravan have underfloor insulation?

Itís really about making your holiday home or residence more energy efficient, saving money on energy bills, keeping you warm in the winter and helping reduce condensation.

The construction method of static caravans doesnít lend itself to the best form of insulation, as it's only fibre .

Underfloor foil insulation, benefits caravan owners in many ways such as:
Prevents moisture from penetrating the floor

A lot of static caravan paks experience high levels of ground water and this means that moisture underneath your van can cause problems inside if it permeates through the floor. This causes much more moisture in the air resulting in more condensation and therefore making furnishing, rugs, walls and sills damp. There are few people who do not know the problems condensation can cause but the black mould, once it takes hold, will not only damage clothes and soft furnishings but also is the devil of a job to eliminate.

Radiant heat loss reduction

Heat is attracted to cold floors, so even when you have your heating on, you will feel less warmth because a floor without underfloor insulation will draw the heat to it preventing the heat from circulating around the van.

Reduced warm air loss

There will always be warm air leakage in a static caravan that doesnít have underfloor heating and it will escape through the gaps where pipes exit the van, usually through the floors of kitchens and bathrooms. An installation of underfloor insulation will dramatically improve this problem

Hot air rises, yes. But heat radiates in all directions.

More benefits of static caravan underfloor insulation

1. Your caravan will be more comfortable in the winter and cold day/ nights because you wonít be losing heat.

2. Holds the heat within the floor

3. Insulation assists in protecting your floor

4. Underfloor insulation deters rodents from building nests.

5. reflect heat.

Call caravan under floor insulation
For a free quote 07944027381 . 01754 872043



For more details have a look on the web at , Facebook caravan under floor insulation uk

Call or text for a free quote
Cover the UK
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Old 24-06-2016, 13:00
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Hi all, just bumping this as the advert has been greatly change to include further information. Please feel free to ask any questions either on the forum or via the contact details above.
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Old 17-07-2016, 09:49
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This guy is good does a lot for us now
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Old 14-08-2016, 09:30
stevebni stevebni is offline
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Hi Caravan underfloor Insulation!

Don't travel to Ireland do you? Happy to put you up for the night :-)

Failing that, I've a van I need to insulate the floor on, 2003 ABI Brisbane, it's in Donegal, on the far north west coast, pretty rural. I've asked around and no one here does it, so figure I'm doing it myself.

I've read your site and have worked out there is a huge difference between the insulation material used, don't suppose you would be able to point me in the right direction for getting some? I've Googled, but like all these things it's a mine field out there, easy to buy the wrong stuff I guess.


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Old 23-10-2018, 16:15
vfr pilot vfr pilot is offline
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Are you still in business? I've tried both telephone numbers on the website several times (the landline seems to be disconnected and the mobile always goes to voicemail)

I'm after getting a quote..

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Old 29-10-2018, 07:51
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caravanwindowman caravanwindowman is offline
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Yes but we donít do floor insulation and the best way to email us ta
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West Coast Windows

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