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Owning A Caravan Discussion about owning a caravan.

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Old 20-06-2011, 12:43
emjay emjay is offline
Junior Member
Join Date: Jun 2011
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Default Gas usage...

Hi all,
I registered some time last year after lingering but the process would never complete...finally I have got in wooohooo!!
Anyways we bought our van late last year but didn't get in until the beginning of the season which is the middle of Feb. I researched lots on the web so that we didn't get caught out but I am feeling a little unsure about our gas usage.
We stay every weekend we can, going on Friday to Sunday and occasionally for a couple of days in the school hols. We have a gas fire, warm air heating and gas oven and in the first four weeks needed a change of gas bottle...then two weeks later another (we have the two 47kg bottle changeover and the site regularly check and change automatically rather than us order when needed) I queried this as I thought it was a lot but then we had been cleaning the van and had the heating and fire on....anyways again this weekend another change which is now 3 bottles in just three months?!
We don't have heating on as it is now warmer and we have DG and don't need to and we often shower at the pool so I can't understand the need for so much! Maybe I am wrong but when I looked into it beforehand most owners said one or two a season.

Any feedback would be much appreciated!
Thank you!!
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Old 20-06-2011, 12:56
DianeW DianeW is offline
Senior Member
Join Date: Feb 2011
Location: The land of peace and quiet.... Lancashire.
Posts: 876

Wow...that does seem a lot of gas to me.

We bought our van end Feb, and started coming every weekend from then, we have also stayed odd weeks too and often Friday until Tuesdays. We have CH and DG, and gas cooker.

We bought 2 x 47kg bottles when we bought van and have been on our second bottle (we too are on auto changeover - but we order as required from site), for a few weeks now and think we have used about a third of it.

We used CH at first as it was still very cold, but have not had it on now for a while, we do use 2 x oil filled radiatiors, which we find are great - just had elec bill and that is quite good too, so they are not too expensive to run.

I would definitely try to get your useage checked as it seems excessive to me, good luck with it.

Oh and i forgot to say to the site... it is brilliant and the people are lovely, it is nice to know there is someone to offer advice and guidance when you need it.

Last edited by DianeW; 20-06-2011 at 12:59.
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Old 20-06-2011, 13:01
emjay emjay is offline
Junior Member
Join Date: Jun 2011
Posts: 3

Thank you for your reply...I am not sure who to ask to check or how to go about checking it to be honest. I have even read on the web about people swapping their gas bottles when empty with other unsuspecting owners!! Would hate to think I am being done.....
Thanks again.
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Old 20-06-2011, 13:10
DianeW DianeW is offline
Senior Member
Join Date: Feb 2011
Location: The land of peace and quiet.... Lancashire.
Posts: 876

It is awful to think like that..... but it is possible, i would hate to think that too.

I am not very technical but i wonder if the valve thing that connects to your bottles is faulty?

I would keep a close check, try to monitor your useage (make notes of when you have things on ect), and even ask the site to look at it for you.

I can understand using a lot when heating is on due to weather etc, but you still seem to be using a lot when not using appliances.
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Old 20-06-2011, 13:18
TreeTops's Avatar
TreeTops TreeTops is offline
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Join Date: Jan 2011
Location: Tree Tops, Gwespyr, North Wales
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Ask the local gas safe guy to check your caravan quickly and also if you think someone is swapping your bottles consider marking them and photograph the marks for you can prove you did indeed mark them.

Good luck,


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Old 20-06-2011, 13:22
indianwells's Avatar
indianwells indianwells is offline
Senior Member
Join Date: Feb 2009
Posts: 712

I would cancel the arrangement with the site to check and replace as necessary. As you have a changeover valve it will have an indicator when one bottle is empty and you can simply order another one.

You don't want to believe the site will change one when it's still half full but I wouldn't put it past certain large (and small) organisations.
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Old 20-06-2011, 13:24
Angela M's Avatar
Angela M Angela M is offline
Join Date: Oct 2010
Location: Barmouth, Gwynedd - where the mountains meet the sea
Posts: 8,806

Hi, not sure if I've said hello yet, so Hello and welcome to the forum... finally

We have put a chain on our bottles, as there are a lot of 'rental' caravans around us, we thought it might be sensible to protect ourselves.
As regards gas usage, it does seem very high, there are threads on here where people are discussing their gas usage if you use the search button, I've started to use the kettle for washing up, it's not as handy as using the hot water in the tap, but I think it's making a difference with our gas usage to be honest, after all, there's ofter 6 people to cook and wash up for
Let's see what others have to say, and we'll ask P&L as well, lets pick his brains

Just read Indianwells post, good point, I would rather be in full control myself as well rather than trusting the changeover procedure
Angela M
Mod Team

Live life forwards, but learn from it backwards ...
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Old 20-06-2011, 16:06
Tiamaria589's Avatar
Tiamaria589 Tiamaria589 is offline
Supporting Member
Join Date: Aug 2010
Posts: 8,518

it certainly doesnt sound right emjay!!

we bought in september last year and stayed most weekends until the site closed.... early Nov....
we opened the van in march and have been when we can, cant go much at moment cos of certain circumstances but,,,,,,,,


and we always keep them chained up ...... the site doesnt change them until we ask ( so i have been told)
ruled beautiful granddaughter, 2 kids, 3 cats and 1 hubby

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Old 20-06-2011, 16:51
vanman's Avatar
vanman vanman is offline
Senior Member
Join Date: Mar 2011
Location: mansfield,nottinghamshire
Posts: 680

also check the ends of the pipes that fit onto the regulator, they sometimes dry out and perish which will allow gas to escape. thats what ours did and we just cut a couple of inches off and re fit them and that sorted it. our site don't like you to put hose clips on in case of fire and they need to remove them quick but if your site does allow them then you could put them on to ensure a tight fit.
vanman is now novanman
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Old 20-06-2011, 17:40
emjay emjay is offline
Junior Member
Join Date: Jun 2011
Posts: 3

Thank you everyone!
I have emailed the site owners and if I get no reply I will go see them this weekend.
We got our first bill in May and this was when it first came to light and I have been a bit paranoid since. I assumed that they had accidently charged us for the two bottles that had been included in the sale but on querying they said we had had two more since.
The new regulator was included in the sale too but I will look into all areas and see what comes up.
Thanks again!
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