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Buying A Static Caravan Advice for those about to purchase a static caravan.

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Old 20-05-2014, 22:14
Mrs M Mrs M is offline
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Join Date: May 2014
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Default 1st time buyers - North Wales caravan needed!

Hey all!

We are hoping to buy our first static caravan very soon, and have started our journey looking for the perfect site. We are a family of 4 (ds's are 8 and 6) and we were looking at North Wales as it is a sensible distance from our home in the Midlands.

I am looking for a family friendly site, but no big club house, a playground would suit us fine. We plan on visiting next week and having a look around a few places, do you have any recommndations as to sites that you think would suit us?

Thanks in advance!
Sara x
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Old 20-05-2014, 22:24
Marianda24's Avatar
Marianda24 Marianda24 is offline
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Hi Sara and welcome to GoStatic

We are in North Wales, just outside Prestatyn and our site, Triangle Wood, is family friendly, a short walk from the sea, has vans to suit all budgets and no club house. We dont have a play area though but the other kids (of all ages) on site dont seem to bother. They play on their bikes and scooter safely and all seem to get on well.

Its a good area to look as there are all types of sites from the expensive ones with all amenities to the small, quiet sites and from 12 month seasons down to 8.

Do you want to sublet your van as that may be the deciding factor for you as a lot of sites dont allow it, like ours.

There are quite a few on here who have their vans in N Wales who will be able to help.
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Old 20-05-2014, 22:28
Chrissy52's Avatar
Chrissy52 Chrissy52 is offline
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Highly recommend Tree Tops, family owned and run, not far from Prestatyn, no club house, but lovely children's playground. Look at their website for pictures. I know they have vans for sale and the family are brilliant and very helpful. Takes us an hour and twenty minutes to get there from Stockport. Give Andy a ring and mention I told you about it. Good luck and keep up posted.
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Old 20-05-2014, 22:31
Angela M's Avatar
Angela M Angela M is offline
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Hi and welcome to the forum
Have you read our buying tips?

We have a for sale section on the forum too with some beautiful statics for sale

Angela M
Mod Team

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Old 20-05-2014, 22:37
treetopper treetopper is offline
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...As marianda has said it depends if you are going to sublet ..and how long a season,miles from Midlands,and obviously budget ...
The reference hub on here is a great place to start
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Old 20-05-2014, 22:55
Marmo's Avatar
Marmo Marmo is offline
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and good luck in your search. You have come to the right place for help.
Owner of country retreat/static caravan in the Lakes.
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Old 20-05-2014, 23:03
Mrs M Mrs M is offline
Junior Member
Join Date: May 2014
Posts: 4

Aww thanks for the warm welcome. We wouldnt want to sub let, we'd be there all the time anyway! We are about 140 miles away from North Wales, not sure on budget yet, i'll find what I want and then tell hubbie what the budget is
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Old 21-05-2014, 05:47
Bobsnobs Bobsnobs is offline
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Hi & welcome to the forum I hope you find your dream caravan and site. As others have said the reference hub is a good starting point. Any questions ask away as there is always someone on here that can help and point you in the right direction.
Mod Team
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Old 21-05-2014, 12:24
TreeTops's Avatar
TreeTops TreeTops is offline
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Join Date: Jan 2011
Location: Tree Tops, Gwespyr, North Wales
Posts: 2,244

Thanks for the recommendation Chrissy!!

We done for doing your research, this is the most important stage and will ensure your happiness and enjoyment of the caravan.

Make a short list of parks, 3 or 4 should do. Look for parks who give honest and open information on their websites. Try and visit each of these parks a couple of times at different times of the day. You'll be amazed what you take in on a 2nd visit and it can totally change your view on a park. You may even find a park you don't like on 1st visit becomes your favorite. Look at the general upkeep of the park, are the roads well kept, the grass cut, litter collected? Are the park owners investing in their business or just taking the profits?

When you visit parks, look at the caravans they have for sale, but don't chose one until you've been to a few parks. Consider the condition of the caravan, if you're buying pre-loved. Are the units in good order. If they are unloved, tatty or a bit sticky around the edges, this might give you a feel for the park as a whole. Even when buying new, the caravan should be clean, tidy and unpacked. They leave the factory in a right mess, some parks can't be bothered getting them right.

Escape from the sales person / park owner and try and talk to the other residents. If you have your eye on a caravan then try and meet other owners in that general area. People a few caravans away might give you a better view than those next door. They will tell you both about the park and might mention if your potential neighbors have any issues. The other thing you want to assess is if the park has people like you. Parks often attracts a "type" of person, every park is different. I'm not being snobby, but I does seem to happen. Obviously Tree Tops attracts owners of the highest caliber who anyone would be pleased to have as a neighbor ;-).

Set a budget before you leave the house. You can help yourself by looking at caravans on line and getting an idea what your hard earned money will buy your. If you have the luxury of a contingency budget agree that also before you leave the house. Remember that some parks (Like us) don't include pitch fees, that's because we only charge you for the bit of the season you're going to get. You may fall in love with a caravan at the top of your budget only to find you have to add the pitch fee.

Other things: Is the park owner or the their representative on park over night. How secure is the park. Would you stay at the park without Mr M?

I'm sure other things will come to me, if you want to know anything, just ask!

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Old 21-05-2014, 15:33
Mrs M Mrs M is offline
Junior Member
Join Date: May 2014
Posts: 4

Thankyou Treetops, some great advice there.

Our budget is max 25k, would i get a new 3 bed for that?
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