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Old 05-10-2016, 18:20
Number6 Number6 is offline
Join Date: Oct 2016
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My parents my parents bought a tourer in the late 60s a Thomson Gleneagle I think, the novelty soon wore off and it ended up on a site behind the Punchbowl pub in Askham Cumbria.
They liked it so much that they pleaded with the owner to be allowed to site a static van but crazy as it seems now they had to get permission from The Earl of Lonsdale as it was his estate.
They eventually bought a Pemberton Panorama complete with gas lighting and a coke fire!

I must say as an 11 year old, I soon tired of going there with my parents and it put me off buying a van myself for years.
I don't suppose there are any Panoramas still out there, I'd love to see one again.
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Old 05-10-2016, 20:01
Gossy Gossy is offline
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Location: Norfolk
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Our first family holiday was in 1963, only 12 miles away by Beach Station in Felixstowe, I was 5 and we were having 2 weeks holiday, with my dad cycling 12 miles each way each day as he had to work.
Reading back on the other posts I remember being told to mind the gas light mantles and loved listening to the roar when lit at night, no idea if there was lighting elsewhere other than the lounge/kitchen, toilets and showers obviously over in the block.
In the lounge I remember a sort of wardrobe feature which when lowered formed a double bed, and every cupboard had blankets in.
With lots of adventures, a playground nearby beach it was magical and new friends everyday, guess that set the picture for buying and sharing with our family now.
We were lucky as kids, we had a holiday each year and when my dad got his first car (Ford Prefect), meant we could travel, we had static caravan holidays in Pegwell Bay Ramsgate, Camber Sands, Boscombe, Dawlish, Burryport and Crimdon dene. Can't remember a TV in the later ones just our radio, removed from the parcel shelf off dads car.

With our kids, they had a week in the 80's at the wild duck in Norfolk, we then started going to French sites first in the large set up tents, then the mobile homes, both being great bases to tour from, never neede to use a heater or fire though..., so we wanted some bustle and activity for our first static which we bought this year.
We have 2 grandchildren (2 & 5) they love it, and 1 due this week and another due in 8 months, so some quality time ahead of us!
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Old 16-02-2019, 16:45
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Originally Posted by Angela B View Post

Over the last few weeks, I've been looking at the photo's people are posting on here, and it's started me thinking, gosh, how caravans have changed since I first had a caravan holiday with my parents as a little girl...
My dad worked for 'British Rail' so he used to get so many free passes per year, and that's where it all began I suppose...
Dad bought a caravan in Rhyl, and we spent many happy years there as a family.
Our caravan was a was a four berth, with an actual coal fire as heating, we had no hot water, no toilet or shower! We used the shower/toilet block, and so did everyone else. The two single beds were like they are in a tourer ~ full length single, mum and dads bed pulled down from an inside wall ~ once down, she undid the straps which kept all the mattress and bedding in place, and hey presto! When I think about it I can hear the sound of those springs as if it was yesterday lol. She then would pull a curtain across that she had made for privacy and that was that ~ simples...
Gosh how things have changed eh?

My entertainment as a child on holiday, would be hiring a bike (which all the kids did with their pocket money) for a couple of hours, or hiring one of those two person bench-seated bikes with a canopy overhead ~ they probably don't exist anymore lol. I'd spend hours playing outside exploring, and used to race to the fence on the edge of the site to wave to the train drivers as they sped past, I was soo excited if they waved back.
On the main parade in Rhyl there used to be a theatre with a domed roof, an outdoor rollerskating ring, and an open air swimming pool that was always FREEZING no matter how nice the weather was lol, I wonder if any have survived?
We would walk with our picnic along the path that stretched through the golf course, over the sand dunes, and onto the beach. Sometimes I'd do a spot of fishing with dad (I was a bit of a tomboy).
Our leisure time seemed so simple looking back, nowadays its sooo hard to drag my 'big' kids away from the playstation, and facebook and computers (says me ha ha!)

If mum and dad were still with us, I can't imagine what they would think of new caravans today...

So, how have things changed in your life as far as caravans go??

Oh I'd forgotten all about this old thread and how we enjoyed reading each others memories
I actually revisited good old Rhyl last Summer, I retraced my steps back to the actual pitch that our caravan was on, it hadn't changed really, other than where the old 'toilet block' was, stood a brand new caravan, the owner asked me if I was ok, (I was feeling a little emotional at that moment), I explained my story to him, but he wasn't impressed when I told him his pride and joy was standing where the old toilet block once stood oops!
The site is still very commercialised, and it was full of young families with their children enjoying the activities there, everyone seemed so happy, especially the children... It was lovely to see, and not a phone in sight lol.

Anyone else fancy sharing memories of their earliest caravan holiday? Times have indeed changed...
Angela M
Mod Team

Live life forwards, but learn from it backwards ...
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Old 17-02-2019, 09:14
Peter.R Peter.R is offline
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Originally Posted by Happy-Wanderer View Post
Reading through some of the memories of caravanning it reminds me of holidays as a child in the 1960's and 1970's. For ten years from 1965-75 during August's 'factory fortnight' my parents would rent a caravan at Crimdon Dene in North East England. Although it was less than ten miles from home, it seemed to us kids like a whole new world. My Dad was in his element as he always liked caravans and caravan people, but I'm certain that my mother hated it though!
At the time, the site was owned by the local council in Easington (it's now Park Resorts) and was very basic with toilet blocks and stand-pipes for drinking water. The caravans had no fixed sewerage or water supply, so plastic containers were constantly being filled with drinking water. There was no electricity supply either and caravan lighting often used strange little gas lights lit by hand. The cooker was usually a 'baby belling' which looked like a childs' toy but seemed very efficient - the fresh air always made us starving - the tiny gas bottle was in a cupboard underneath! A portable radio, Monopoly and card games were evening entertainment - the TV was never missed.
As children we loved it of course, going to the beach everyday to collect driftwood and sea-coal for the solid-fuel stove, wandering around the really quite large site looking at all the different styles of caravan and walking our Yorkshire Terriers - we even took the cat once, together with a washing line to stop him running away home!
For entertainment (though we usually made our own) there was a small fairground open everyday and the 'Lido' was a basic family oriented centre where bands sometimes performed. Strangely, the weather always seemed fine in those times!
A trip out meant catching a 'Northern' bus to Peterlee 'New Town' or Durham City. Once, we even ventured as far as Bishop Auckland - with our parents and the Yorkies of course!

Happy Days...
I can realate to so much of this my mother had a caravan there 1978 to 1982 I loved it .... Remember the seagull pub ?..One of the 1st bar meals I ever had !..
My job was emptying the waste water bucket (slop bucket) getting the water !!And gathering sea coal..!.....I wonder how we weren't all killed ?...Fumes off..the coal fire ....gas mantel lights....And every adult smoked too !

This is how I remember things ..

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