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Before Owning A Caravan Discussion and advice on all aspects involved in deciding if a static caravan is right for you.

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Old 22-08-2012, 02:39
BSchegelii BSchegelii is offline
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Default I want to live in a Static Caravan all year around.

I need as much information as I can get. I soon hope to have a job and instead of moving into a flat or a house, I want to move into something just as nice and as easy to maintain but cheaper. I came to the idea, caravans. So I been looking up Static Caravans and such. Me and my friend came up with this idea and we want to take it up depending on a few things that could happen in the next few months.

So essentially we want to buy a static caravan and then have it moved to a park where we choose and have it kept there to live in all year around.

Main information I need though, is the main question - Is it legal?

I have read it's legal in residential areas, but I have read on some parks that people will only let people live in the parks if they're over 45-50 years old. Then on the other hand, if it's a holiday site, you can only live in it for 10 months or the 12 in a year?

I know obviously costs of gas, clothing, food and all of that. What about electric though, if I had a static caravan on a site, would I be able to hook it up with unlimited or metered usage?

I know all initial costs to get the caravan, paying to stay on a site and all that will be fairly expensive, but it's do-able with me and my friend both putting full efforts in. As we want to move closer to the area of work as we both work in Cheltenham and live about an hour drive away, so it's better for us in many ways, saving fuel, cheaper living and things like that.

Any other information in what other payments for council tax or having a permanent residence and all that as I have read something about it but unsure. Any help to further my knowledge would be helpful, thanks in advance.
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Old 22-08-2012, 06:32
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Tiamaria589 Tiamaria589 is offline
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good morning..

your enthusiasm is very exciting...... good luck in your new adventure,
of course it is do-able just make sure you do all your homework..

have you checked out residential parks close to where to live/work? they are the best bet...

when the Mods see your thread they will be able to point you in the right direction to which threads/posts you need to look at to help you along
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Old 22-08-2012, 08:03
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Use the search tool. I've posted lots about this subject. Essenentially you can't legally live in a caravan unless it's on a residential park. You will find someone to take your money, but trust me, if the council get involved you will be homeless.

Heating a caravan in the winter could cost you 60 a week.

There's further information on my website about not living in a caravan : This document will give you a definition of holiday use.

sorry to shatter the dream, but if you do this it could quickly turn into a nightmare. I have seen this go very wrong. Park owners who dont care about the terms of the their license don't care about their customers. If things go wrong you will end up homeless.

Buying on a residential park is the only way forward. You will pay a lot more for you unit, but you will have the full protection of the law and access to your unit 365 day of the year. You will own a unit which is fit for year round human habitation.

If it were me, I'd just rent a flat, it's simpler, cheaper, safer and there's no depreciation.

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Old 22-08-2012, 08:23
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emmell emmell is offline
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I agree with Treetops, it's a minefield out there ........and if it was so easy millions would do it.

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Old 22-08-2012, 08:37
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eddiesolo eddiesolo is offline
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My Mum lived in a 'mobile home' nr Castelford. She ws in it a few years and loved it. This is a residential site and has been said this is where you need to be looking-they are not cheap either, but, as Andy points out, designed to be lived in all year. It was expensive to heat in winter and she went through a few gas bottles when really cold.

I like your idea, but just make sure you find a residential site and then check that out first, they may not allow you to bring any caravan on site-the homes will be winterised for all year living as the van will not. They may try and sell one...this could turn out to be more expensive than what you planned.

Good luck though and let us know how you go on.


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Old 22-08-2012, 08:50
Bunty and Biggles Bunty and Biggles is offline
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...and don't forget about depreciation too. Bricks and mortar don't depreciate the way caravans do, think of it more like buying a car than buying a house.
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Old 22-08-2012, 08:56
shuggiegreen shuggiegreen is offline
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to the forum research,research and more research will give you the answers you need to know good luck.
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Old 22-08-2012, 11:38
Macarw Macarw is offline
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Remember that the caravan is not like a house and will depreciate in value. The cost of keeping our caravan on the site is like having a morgage but you don't get any return from it. However I imagine it would work out cheaper than renting a house or a flat. Good Luck!
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Old 22-08-2012, 11:47
Retired Member 7 Retired Member 7 is offline
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to the forum, and good luck for the future. However, please take heed of the advice you are being given, these people know what they are talking about.
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Old 22-08-2012, 12:01
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colleen82 colleen82 is offline
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I'd just like to add my thoughts. (Hi and welcome )

I live in a park home on a residential site. Park homes are constructed for residential use, however they are not brick and mortar, yes in the winter I'm toasty warm with the heating on full blast, however unlike a house, when you turn the heating off the heat goes too, whereas in a house it retains the heat for a while at least.

I'm sure there are those that have experienced winters in a static which must be far worse. Needless to say my gas bill for the past couple of years over the winter period has been extortionate. I hate to think how much gas you would go through if you were using bottles.

Also just another thing to look out for - just because its a residential site doesn't mean its open for the whole year. Our site still closes for 2 weeks a year.

I wish you all the luck in finding somewhere and something suitable but don't rush
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living in a static

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